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Breast Cancer Symptoms - First Five Warning Signs
By Roselyn Capen

Having breast cancer is no longer the death sentence that it used to be. The medical profession has made some amazing strides in breast cancer detection and treatment options. However, the key to having the best chance of survival is early detection. That is why every woman owes it to herself and needs to educate herself on the five most common warning signs of breast cancer.

The most common sign of breast cancer is noticing a lump in the breast or a thickening of the breast. Breast lumps can often be just fatty tissue and not cancerous, but that is the first sign that normally sends people to go see their doctor to have a thorough examination. The five warning signs of breast cancer are:

* Any change to the shape, size or contour of your breast
* Flattening of the breast or indentations in your skin surrounding your breast
* Clear or bloody discharge from the breast nipple, with or without the presence of a lump
* Indentation or retraction of your nipple
* Pitting of the breast skin or redness in the skin over the breast

Women know that their breasts feel tender or swollen at various times during their monthly cycles. Some women experience breast pain and tenderness when they are menstruation and others have tender breasts when they are ovulating. Pregnant women often experience breast swelling, so there are other reasons than cancer that a woman can have a swelling or tenderness in her breasts.

All of the above warning could be a sign of breast cancer, but it is very possible that you could be suffering from something else. There is no reason to panic at the first sign of any of these symptoms. Make an appointment with your gynecologist right away if you have these symptoms because your doctor would be the best person to make an informed diagnosis, and will send you for additional testing if necessary.

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